Deep dive into Lifestyle Blogging

I think I need to admit something- something so painfully obvious that it almost doesn’t need to be addressed.

I do not know the first thing about being a lifestyle blogger. I’m not even sure what my lifestyle is.

What I find really intriguing about becoming a lifestyle blogger is that I might actually gain insight into my own life.

If you’ve ready my other posts, you’ll know that I have a history of mild depression and anxiety. That’s in the past now and I want to start focusing my writing into topics of daily life as a young professional in Minnesota. What I’ve noticed in my own life is that I have a tendency to watch others, to wish I was like them and wonder why I’m not. I often don’t see the value in my own life.

It’s important to me that we all see what value we bring to life- whether to our community, through our jobs, or even to our friends and family.

As a marketer, my job is to promote value, whether of a service or product. But the problem that I have, and many people have, is that we undervalue ourselves OR we don’t feel that we know what values we want to bring.

This causes anxiety, frustration, depression- a whole host of problems that I have personal experience with.

My solution: Lifestyle Blogging.

In the next few weeks, I’m going to enhance my website with new categories and posts about my unique lifestyle- my fitness & wellness failures and successes, what there is to do in the Twin Cities, my almost non-existent beauty regimen and experiments therein, just how many Netflix shows I watch everyday.. etc.

What I’m hoping readers and followers will take away from my life and my writing is that

  1. You are valuable despite your flaws and shortcomings (because everyone, literally everyone, has them- I worry A LOT and I hate staying out past midnight, for example)
  2.   Your value is not external (how beautiful or fit you are, or where you live)

But most of all

3. Your value is always increasing, because you (like me) are able to continually learn and improve.

On that note- please read my follow-up blog post:

What I currently do not know or understand about Lifestyle blogging (or blogging in general).


4 thoughts on “Deep dive into Lifestyle Blogging

  1. Yes! I am excited.
    When I started blogging. I had no idea what I would learn about myself.
    It’s honestly been the most enriching experience.

    And I myself, have no idea what ‘type’ of Blogger I am. I think ‘Personal’ Blogger .. maybe? Haha


    1. I’m excited to really dive in and explore the community- it’s people like you that inspire me!
      P.s. love your blog, super cute- so glad I got this chance to find out about it 🙂


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