What I don’t know about Lifestyle Blogging.

You might have just read my post, Deep Dive into Lifestyle Blogging, where I explain that I’m transitioning into Lifestyle blogging as my main focus because dammit, I’m ready to face the world.

And then I admit- I don’t know the first thing of where to begin. Keep in mind while reading the following that I actually have a degree in marketing (Have I said that enough? Guys I’m a marketer- we thrive on repetition) and know that we all start in the same place (as in, we all start by wading into the deep end and then realizing we might either die an agonizing death by drowning or we’ll have to just learn how to swim).

Here’s just how clueless I am:

  1. How to you reach people (AKA gain followers)?
  2. How do you define yourself if YOU DON’T KNOW WHO YOU ARE
  3. Why would people even want to read about my life?
  4. How should I use social media?
  5. What if I don’t have lots of followers on social media?
  6. What if I don’t take great pictures?
  7. …Where do I get great pictures?
  9. Is Vlogging essential?
  10. How do you make great-looking banner ads at low cost?
  11. How to you SEO? (Seriously, embarrassing because I’m a marketer…)
  12. What if people don’t like my things?
  13. Do I need to know Photoshop?
  14. Where will I find the time?
  15. Do I need to pay for a layout?
  16. Where can I learn this stuff?
  17. What is a hosting site?
  18. Is Journey to Positivity a good blog name?
  19. What should my domain name be?
  20. How honest about my life is frankly, too honest?
  21. Do I need a logo?

Please, post a comment below or send me an email if you have any advice on the above. I’m open to all suggestions.



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