Paleo: What I Like and What is Dumb*

Always start with a picture of a juicy burger.

Burger_Public House_San Diego 05232017

Isn’t that beautiful? Look a the glisten of the oil, the shine of the tomato, the crispiness of the onion…

No imagine it without the bun and fries.

Still pretty good, right? You got the gruyere, the tomato, the onion crisps, and that sweet, sweet meat.

Yes. That, my little Frenchy fries, is the essence of why I love Paleo (-esque) eating. (If you are wondering where you can find such a juicy morsel as shown above, please visit The Public House of La Jolla, San Diego).

But no one can live perfectly, which is why I’m Monday-Friday Paleo-esque.

I borrowed this idea from the cookbook Paleo Monday Through Friday by Daniel Green (good source of recipes but a little heavy on the fish). When I saw the title in Half Price Books, I immediately thought “duh! Monday-Friday.. this makes sense to me”.

So right after I bought the cookbook, I started following the idea of eating mostly nuts, meat, eggs, and leafy greens during the week. I especially enjoyed the bacon part. I got a little carried away with the bacon actually… long story short, don’t try to cook everything in leftover bacon grease. It gets messy.

I immediately felt so good. I think part of what I like about it so much, other than including many more healthy vegetables, is that it takes away the calorie and macro counting (think IFFYM or weight watchers). You don’t eat bread, pasta, or sugar. For 5 days. Then go for it.

And you get to have bacon.

I’m sorry, I’m just really excited about the bacon.

But seriously- it makes sense. Eat foods from the ground and from animals. Moo Hoo!

As an example of how my diet changed- I’ve started using coconut milk instead of cow’s milk for smoothies, to cut back on dairy. I eat chicken bacon ranch (+avocado) salads with homemade (added-sugar free) ranch dressing, and I pretty much don’t worry about the fat content in anything.

However.. I’m kind of a cheater…

I eat potatoes and cheese and I think it’s dumb not to.

Cue picture of cheese.


courtesy Pixabay free images

I’m just not going to cut out potatoes and cheese. I don’t care what the argument is. I know the old-timers (as in, Paleolithic-timers) didn’t eat a bunch of cheese, and I guess potatoes weren’t around or domesticated or something (I’ll look it up later..) but these foods are GREAT for good health, physical and mental.

First of all, and most importantly- you can’t have a good salad without cheese. Cheese is a high-quality protein, it contains a very small amount of lactose, and it’s absolutely delicious. Plus, the French eat it all the time and they look fantastic (which I would know, I lived there), which is really the only argument you need.

Potatoes are also AMAZING for you. I’m not going to get into all the details, but basically all you need to know besides they come from the ground (which probably means, you know, if it’s not poisonous and it’s edible, it’s likely good for you) is that potatoes contain just about every nutrient your body needs.


Paleo-esque, Monday through Friday.



Sharing the charcuterie board love ❤

Now- if you are wondering- yes, I want to lose weight. (Let’s review the stats really quick- 5’6′, about 150lbs, highly active, great blood pressure, normal cholesterol, size 6/8- I’ll probably write about my weightloss journey in more detail coming up). It’s not an emergency, and I’m doing it because I like feeling fit. I’m down a couple lbs since starting this lifestyle, and what’s more, I feel full longer (I really don’t eat as much or as many times during the day), it’s not very difficult, and I’m enjoying it.


Thanks for reading-

Comment if this resonates with you or if you have some great Paleo-type recipes to share! I’m always looking for new ideas!



*Disclaimer: Not a nutritionist, dietician, or Paleolithic hunger-gatherer


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