MPLS Weekend: ENGAGED!..Bánh Mì& Bauhaus Brew Labs

A lot happened this weekend! First things first…

Joe & I are engaged!


He took me for a walk around the University of St. Thomas (where we met), said some lovely things, and put a ring on it. Then- he surprised me by having both of our families meet us at dinner!

Before dinner, we had an hour to celebrate our new status- so I suggested Bauhaus Brew Labs, a craft brewery I’ve been trying to visit for FOREVER.

Bauhaus Brew Labs


This is one of my favorite breweries that I’ve visited in the Twin Cities. It’s casual, fresh, and young. It’s a place where skateboarders-turned-aspiring graphic designers might hangout. There’s a spot for bags, a big outdoor patio, and a food truck for the hungry. With the bold primary colors, graffiti art, and surrounding warehouses, you feel like you’ve entered a magical adult playground where the only rule is beer, and more of it.

Their style is German-focused but invigorated with adventure and play (paraphrased from their website). That means they have my favorite styles of beer- Lager and Pilsners, with some IPAs thrown in.

I got the Wonderstuff (Bohemian style Pilsner) and Joe ordered Homeguys (Munich Style Helles Lager, Seasonal). We would have ordered more but we had to go to dinner (and unbeknownst to me, to be surprised by fam!)


Here I am, lost in the Wonderstuff.

Lu’s Sandwich: Bánh Mì

Today, we ran around Lake Calhoun- my favorite lake because the view of the cities is too spectacular.


We ran about 2 miles with breaks- but we ran them fast. Calhoun is about a 5k- I thought I’d be able to run around the whole thing because I’ve been training but I took the first mile too fast and just couldn’t get back into stride.

Originally, the plan was to get donuts- Glam Doll Donuts to be exact- but alas, they were closed for Memorial Day (we expected this).

Fortune smiled upon us though.. on Nicollet, right across the street from Glam Doll, is a small little Vietnamese sandwich shop called Lu’s Sandwich. They have a small menu of bánh mì, boba tea, and asian bowls- the sandwiches and bowls are customizable, so you can choose your protein choice and decide whether you want traditional or you want to add different fixings.


We both got Traditional with the Grilled Pork- I got the small which was probably 12 inches and only $5- so I highly recommend this place for the quality at such a decent price. I’m a sauce person so I also got some peanut sauce on the side for dipping.


We also ordered the mango boba tea- it was good but definitely not tea- more like a bubble tea smoothie. It was icy and frothy- would have been even better if it wasn’t rainy outside!

I’m so glad we stumbled across this place- $ price for a good amount of food that is delicious, authentic, and healthy.



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