Yoga Challenge Day 2: Consistency

I'll be honest - Day 2 was a struggle. First, it was harder to get out of bed than I anticipated (It somehow always is...). Second, I was sore from yesterday's yoga session (HOW? It honestly did not seem hard. Also.. I'm in fairly good least I thought I was..) . Third, I REALLY didn't want … Continue reading Yoga Challenge Day 2: Consistency


Yin, Yoga, Yang

I've been getting really into yoga lately. Well.. I've always been intrigued by yoga and I have been practicing at least once a week for quite a few months now. Starting today, I'm challenging myself to do yoga for 30 days straight. I'm motivating myself through a deal with my fiancé that if I can … Continue reading Yin, Yoga, Yang

Be like Hermione: When in Doubt, Head to the Library

I've been feeling very overwhelmed lately. I'm Type A- I want to be everything, do everything. In the past few months, I've dabbled in sewing, learning French, and growing plants  ( plant, a basil plant..). I've been working on planning our wedding (yikes!), selling my car, and trying to practice more yoga- while managing marketing for YPM. … Continue reading Be like Hermione: When in Doubt, Head to the Library

Career Tips: Coffee, Meeting & Greeting.

I just came back from the most amazing coffee date. It was a meet & greet with another professional at my work. Our offices are on the same floor... who knew! For thirty minutes, we connected over coffee. We shared our likes and dislikes, anecdotes about our lives, and laughter. On our way back up, … Continue reading Career Tips: Coffee, Meeting & Greeting.

Reminisces of Rome & the taste of travel

I've found that it is difficult to write about Travel. I capitalize it here because Travel is a movement and a state of being- it is a noun because you not only travel but you actually become a component of the verb- you become Travel and Travel becomes a part of you. My 7 days … Continue reading Reminisces of Rome & the taste of travel