MPLS Weekend: ENGAGED!..Bánh Mì& Bauhaus Brew Labs

A lot happened this weekend! First things first... Joe & I are engaged! He took me for a walk around the University of St. Thomas (where we met), said some lovely things, and put a ring on it. Then- he surprised me by having both of our families meet us at dinner! Before dinner, we … Continue reading MPLS Weekend: ENGAGED!..Bánh Mì& Bauhaus Brew Labs


Paleo: What I Like and What is Dumb*

Always start with a picture of a juicy burger. Isn't that beautiful? Look a the glisten of the oil, the shine of the tomato, the crispiness of the onion... No imagine it without the bun and fries. Still pretty good, right? You got the gruyere, the tomato, the onion crisps, and that sweet, sweet meat. Yes. … Continue reading Paleo: What I Like and What is Dumb*

Deep dive into Lifestyle Blogging

I think I need to admit something- something so painfully obvious that it almost doesn't need to be addressed. I do not know the first thing about being a lifestyle blogger. I'm not even sure what my lifestyle is. What I find really intriguing about becoming a lifestyle blogger is that I might actually gain … Continue reading Deep dive into Lifestyle Blogging

What I don’t know about Lifestyle Blogging.

You might have just read my post, Deep Dive into Lifestyle Blogging, where I explain that I'm transitioning into Lifestyle blogging as my main focus because dammit, I'm ready to face the world. And then I admit- I don't know the first thing of where to begin. Keep in mind while reading the following that … Continue reading What I don’t know about Lifestyle Blogging.

San Diego: R & R & Seals

Joe and I just got back from our first vacation to San Diego, California! We stayed in an Airbnb bungalow (Cozy Cottage by the Cove- highly recommend for your next trip) about 3 blocks from the ocean and a couple more blocks to La Jolla Cove, for a total of 7 nights. Highlights: Torrey Pines I cannot … Continue reading San Diego: R & R & Seals