Reminisces of Rome & the taste of travel

I've found that it is difficult to write about Travel. I capitalize it here because Travel is a movement and a state of being- it is a noun because you not only travel but you actually become a component of the verb- you become Travel and Travel becomes a part of you. My 7 days … Continue reading Reminisces of Rome & the taste of travel


The Threshhold: Rooski Starts Her Journey

At the Beginning, there was a Graduate... Five years of university, finally in the past. I've loved, I've learned, and I've grown up a whole lot. It's a period of new beginnings, self-assessment, and finally being able to be my very own self. I have formed a Plan of Action. Rachel, why did you change … Continue reading The Threshhold: Rooski Starts Her Journey

Travel Bug: Satisfied But Not Cured

I'm SO SORRY, Internet. I have failed you. The last time I wrote was 2 months ago, and I never wrote about Italy or Ireland, or England or Spain. All were wonderful. In fact, these trips inspired me to write several articles for Fortunat Life, a site for millennials for which I am a contributor. … Continue reading Travel Bug: Satisfied But Not Cured

être or not être

Reading Shakespeare in France & Loving Myself I hate to break this to you, but studying abroad isn't always as glamorous as it seems. I was under this naïve impression that when I came to France, I'd suddenly become the person I've always wanted to be- admired, envied, super photogenic, and dare I say, popular. … Continue reading être or not être

Château my: Avignon & La Barben

Avignon is a town of architectural wonders. It's ornate and grandiose compared with Aix-en-Provence. The Palais de Papes was incredible. The art, the architecture, the grand halls and paintings. And it smelled and felt exactly like what a Chateau should. It was a beautiful and fresh day. Jenny, Emma, and I took a Blablacar over- … Continue reading Château my: Avignon & La Barben